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RAPIDS is an Inria Associate Team started in January 2010.

RAPIDS stands for Reasoning about Aspect-oriented Programs and securIty in Distributed Systems.

In January 2013, it metamorphosed into REAL.


While Aspect-Oriented Programming offers promising mechanisms for enhancing the modularity of software, this increased modularity raises new challenges for systematic reasoning. This project studies means to address fundamental and practical issues in understanding distributed aspect-oriented programs by focusing on the issue of security. To this end, the project tackles three complementary lines of work:

  1. Designing a core calculus to model distributed aspect-oriented programming languages and reason about programs written in these languages.
  2. Studying how aspects can be used to enforce security properties in a distributed system, based upon guarantees provided by the underlying aspect infrastructure.
  3. Designing and developing languages, analyses and runtime systems for distributed aspects based on the proposed calculus, therefore enabling systematic reasoning about security.

These lines of work are interconnected and confluent. A concrete outcome of RAPIDS will be prototypes for two concrete distributed aspect-oriented extensions of languages increasingly used by current practitioners: Javascript and Java/Scala.


PLEIAD Laboratory (DCC/Universidad de Chile)

  • Johan Fabry, Assistant Professor
  • Ismael Figueroa Palet, PhD student
  • Paul Leger, PhD
  • Éric Tanter (coordinator), Associate Professor
  • Rodolfo Toledo, PhD student

ASCOLA (Inria, MINES Nantes, LINA)

  • Rémi Douence, Associate Professor
  • Ismael Mejía, PhD student
  • Jacques Noyé (coordinator), Associate Professor
  • Mario Südholt, Professor
  • Nicolas Tabareau, Inria Researcher

Previous members

  • Angel Núñez, PhD (ASCOLA), now Research and Development Engineer at Movix, Santiago, Chile

Project Assistant: Cécile Derouet

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