Ongoing (2012)

Core Calculus

  • Working on a journal version of the AOSD '10 paper A theory of distributed aspects whose main improvement is a decentralized/distributed version of the weaving algorithm (authors: Tabareau, Tanter).

Language design and implementation

  • The survey on Domain-Specific Aspect Languages is soon to be submitted (to ACM Computing Surveys) and the corresponding Online Catalogue made available on the web (authors: Fabry, Noyé, Tanter, and Dinkelaker from TU Darmstadt).
  • Working on the definition of aspects in Haskell using monads. It will allow to reason about effects of aspects using traditional monadic techniques. source code of the project.

Remaining Travel Plans

  • Noyé: 2 weeks (1 Nov - 15 Nov)
  • Tabareau: 2 weeks (26 Nov - 7 Dec)
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